Research for my book/final photos

Alongside all the personal information about the heirlooms that I photographed, I’ve included a brief history about some of the objects. The majority of the information I got from both of my grandmothers but also online. I couldn’t find information on everything, but every photo still has a personal description. (Final photos are below) – The author of this website named Tammy Jones works with jewellery, and she wrote a post about cameos, including the history of them, how they became popular and how they are made.

There is a book called ‘The Portfolio: monographs on artistic subjects by Philip Gilbert Hamerton which includes a section about how cameos are made and what materials are used. – This is another website that talks about the appearances of cameos. – The Cameo Collection sell their own cameos and also write about the history and production of them.

My one grandmother owns an antique Davenport desk, which I looked up online to see if I could find anything similar and found an antiques website that sell a variety of different Davenports for different prices. Although I couldn’t find an exact replica, it was interesting to see the differences in prices, from £490 to £2600. The desks are rumoured to have been named after someone called Captain Davenport.  – One of my images below shows a china figurine. There are markings on the bottom of her that show approximately when it was made. This website discusses those markings and I found out that this figurine was made around 1902.


Author: nat19photography

Family Heirlooms: Natalie Withers Photographic Practices Supporting Work This blog is for my university project 'Photographic Practices' where I have decided to photograph my family heirlooms and then make a book with descriptions of each object. I want to prove that heirlooms are important to everyone, they're not useless things, they are a small part of who you are today.

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