I’ve done a couple more photo shoots and I’m now working more on my book. I have contacted my family to get information on the objects that I’ve photographed and asked questions about how old the objects are; who they inherited them from/who they might pass it down to in the future, why they keep the heirlooms, are there any stories behind the heirlooms and how much they might be worth. I’m planning to have either 1 picture or up to 4 smaller pictures on one page, and then a description about it in the next page. I want to have an introduction to the project at the beginning, which will be similar to the proposal just shorter and more focused on why I think heirlooms are important.


Author: nat19photography

Family Heirlooms: Natalie Withers Photographic Practices Supporting Work This blog is for my university project 'Photographic Practices' where I have decided to photograph my family heirlooms and then make a book with descriptions of each object. I want to prove that heirlooms are important to everyone, they're not useless things, they are a small part of who you are today.

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