Third Shoot

My gran has a Davenport desk that is over 100 years old and she inherited it from her grandmother, so I went over to her house to photograph it. I couldn’t bring it to the studio at uni because she wouldn’t be comfortable with me taking it away from her, and also because I would probably have to hire a small van to get it to Stoke. I had to work with daylight from her windows because there is no room in her living room for big soft boxes or other lighting. This meant that there are a lot of shadows in some places even though I did attempt to change that in Photoshop. I wanted to include objects that belong to my gran on her desk, such as jewellery or photos or a diary, but in the end, I think it looks too forced, so I shall probably have to redo the photos and try to position them in a way that doesn’t seem like they were placed there by me. I am also unsure about the jewellery, because I think I would prefer a close up of it rather than have all the chains everywhere, but I do think that having tangled up chains makes it look like it’s been there for a while.

(Photos are edited down)


Author: nat19photography

Family Heirlooms: Natalie Withers Photographic Practices Supporting Work This blog is for my university project 'Photographic Practices' where I have decided to photograph my family heirlooms and then make a book with descriptions of each object. I want to prove that heirlooms are important to everyone, they're not useless things, they are a small part of who you are today.

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