Second Shoot

I did my first proper shoot using a light tent with a white backdrop and photographed a few books and lots of jewellery and small items. The pictures are definitely better than the ones I took in my first shoot as I have used proper lighting. I still have a problem about making my photographs look ‘interesting’ as at the moment I feel they look like product shots. I also used an old jewellery box to photograph necklaces and rings in, but it was very dusty and although that shows the age, I think I should clean it up and shoot again to improve the images. (These are the unedited copies)IMG_3268IMG_3270IMG_3301IMG_3320IMG_3338IMG_3370IMG_3373


Author: nat19photography

Family Heirlooms: Natalie Withers Photographic Practices Supporting Work This blog is for my university project 'Photographic Practices' where I have decided to photograph my family heirlooms and then make a book with descriptions of each object. I want to prove that heirlooms are important to everyone, they're not useless things, they are a small part of who you are today.

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